Amadians believe life is too short to be the same as everyone else, and they take that philosophy into their songwriting by pulling their favourite elements from a variety of genres.

American singer/songwriter Courtney Devon, along with Canadian members James Roth, Kyle Fox and Ian Powell, find inspiration from blues, pop, rock, jazz and hip-hop to create an alternative soul-rock sound that truly captivates you both live and in recordings.

Roth’s soulful and fiery guitar combined with Devon’s rich vocal tone has created a sound that pushes the boundaries of contemporary songwriting, yet fits perfectly into today’s musical landscape.  

After coming to Winnipeg from North Dakota to study in the University of Manitoba Jazz Program, Devon immediately started handing out flyers around the city and searching for people to write with.

Roth was in need of a vocalist, and when a close friend introduced him to Devon, Devon found what she had been looking for. The pair’s mutual drive and desire to write made for a very natural evolution to the creation of Amadians.

When they got their first opportunity to play live, they called in Fox to play drums and found their third band member.

Powell and Fox had played together in a previous project, so the existing chemistry made for the perfect last piece to the band’s rhythm section.

While 2017 was a busy year of writing and demoing new material, the band also debuted their full lineup with the addition of bassist Ian Powell in front of large crowds at Rogers Hometown Hockey and ManyFest.

Ian Powell cut his teeth playing bass in the Winnipeg music scene by writing songs and playing shows with rockers The Love Tongues. He has also toured Western Canada promoting an EP with thrash metal band Speed Demon.

The band is gearing up to enter the studio in early 2018 to record their debut single, with a full release to follow this summer.

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