Salisbury House Restaurants Announce Change of Ownership

Salisbury House of Canada Ltd. is pleased to announce that majority owners Earl & Cheryl Barish, along with their business partners, have sold their shares in Salisbury House to Restaurateur and Hermanos owner, Noel Bernier and his principal partners, Dave Filmon and MEDF (Metis Economic Development Fund).

Outgoing President & CEO Earl Barish had these comments “It has been a great experience to lead such an important Winnipeg institution. Sals reputation for freshness, quality and dedication to local values are as strong as ever. Noel and his team are well positioned to take Salisbury House to its 100th Anniversary and beyond as Manitoba’s Family Restaurant.”
“On behalf of the Metis Economic Development Fund, it is with great pleasure we invest in one of Winnipeg’s iconic institutions, Salisbury House, which has been providing excellent service and quality food for over 86 years through approximately 400 exceptional employees.” added John Coutris, Metis Economic Development Fund Chief Executive Officer.
“It is very exciting to be part of a team that will keep Salisbury House locally owned with a focus on being a truly local centric enterprise with consistently great fresh food, made daily by Manitobans for Manitobans” said Dave Filmon, Principal Partner.
Noel Bernier added “I am extremely honoured to have the opportunity to care for this Winnipeg institution of over 86 years. Our ownership and management team is completely committed to continuing the Sals tradition of buying locally farmed beef and eggs, employing local people who make great homestyle food, fresh every day for our guests. The continued strength will be in our employees, who collectively work hard daily to deliver amazing freshness, taste and quality. We are also very excited to have minority operating partners that will bring strength and continuity to Salisbury House, including current senior managers Brad Kramble (VP Operations) and Renan Pires (Controller) along with entrepreneur Justin Giasson (VP-Rural Growth) and Indigenous activist and education leader Rebecca Chartrand (Special Advisor-Community Relations).”
For further details or questions, Noel Bernier & Earl Barish will be available at 3:00 pm for comment at the Salisbury House restaurant at 787 Leila Avenue.

Contact Information:
Noel Bernier – 204-291-0629
Earl Barish – 204-795-8619

Dave Sherman